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Indigo Forum Integration & Library Update


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 10-Jul-22 20:53:40 UTC

This week, we automated forum roles and badges for Discord users who have registered their GR accounts with MikoBot. Since last week’s launch of Indigo, everyone (including non-Indigo members) can get one of three different badges to show your listener status when using Discord and the Gensokyo Radio forums.

These badges include:

listener Listener - Everyone who registers can get this badge

indigo Indigo - For Indigo members

indigo2 Indigo+ - For Indigo+ members

To get one of these roles, you’ll need to be in Gensokyo Radio’s partnered Discord server, then type in /register in any chat channel to bring up an integration with MikoBot (what you type here won’t be posted publicly as long as it’s formatted correctly). You’ll also need to grab a key from your account page (Account | Gensokyo Radio) and paste into Discord. This will associate your GR and Discord accounts so that our system knows who to assign roles to. You’ll only need to do this once, but you can reset your key at any time by generating a new one on the website.

For the listener badge, we’re also working on implementing a listen time requirement which will verify a Discord user as an actual listener. This will also be used as an automatic verification method for new server members, thereby bypassing the server application process.

On the forums, we have put together a wiki post for folks who want to learn more about how to interact with the new lossless endpoint, as well as a list of applications members have used and which login methods are accepted for which applications. Any forum members with a sufficient trust level can edit the wiki post to add in more applications; this will help future listeners with more ways to tune in.

We’re also continuing to update our music library for the benefit of all users, but especially those who are subscribed to Indigo. This week, we updated a large volume of music from three circles including:

- EastNewSound
- Iemitsu

That’s all for this week! Thanks to those who have signed up for Indigo and registered on Discord. If you haven’t looked into it yet, you can learn more about Indigo here: Indigo by Gensokyo Radio | Gensokyo Radio. I hope to see more folks getting badges on our server and forums, and thanks for listening!

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