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Indigo Launched & MikoBot Updated


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 03-Jul-22 18:53:17 UTC

This week, we had an on-schedule launch of our latest service offering which we’re calling “Indigo.” Indigo is a membership program for Gensokyo Radio which includes some cosmetic perks like roles, colors, and badges on Discord and (soon to be) our forums, as well as some functional perks including our much-awaited lossless streaming service (info at Indigo by Gensokyo Radio | Gensokyo Radio).

To support this, we also updated our in-house Discord bot “MikoBot” which helps to keep our server tidy by managing entry applications and server roles. It seemed a natural extension to hand MikoBot the task of updating roles for memberships, so there are a few changes you’ll want to be aware of:

Now available to all listeners, you can get the Listener, Indigo, or Indigo+ roles by registering your Gensokyo Radio website account with MikoBot. This associates your Discord account with your GR account and allows the system to automatically assign one of these three roles to you based on your membership status. This can be done by using the /register command and entering the Discord API key found on your Gensokyo Radio account page (you can find an account link at the bottom of every webpage).

MikoBot’s framework has been updated to support slash commands (among other things). This makes starting entry applications (/start) and registering a GR account (/register) on Discord easier.

Along with Indigo’s launch, we have also updated our privacy policy to reflect our new integration with Stripe, the payment processor for Indigo. Stripe makes it easier for everyone to manage subscriptions and includes some neat functionality built-in. Want to pause a subscription for a month or two, or update card details without interruption? You’ll be able to manage these things and more through a link on the website’s account page. We hope users find this new system to be easy to use, but don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or comments, or post public-facing issues in #bug-reporting on our Discord server.

Finally, there’s a short guide on how to use Indigo after sign-up, but we’re also working on a wiki-style guide for how to use Indigo which will appear on our forums in the near future. One of the things we’ll be cataloging is which third-party media applications are known to support basic authentication (needed for login). We’re also working on an alternate login method which may expand the number of supported media players in the future.

The next major project on our list is the web app. This aims to put together a new unified mobile application for both Android and iOS. We expect this project to take most of the remaining time this year to push to production, especially since this week was Lunar’s last open week for dedicated development this season. That’s all for this week, thanks for taking a look at Indigo, and thanks for listening!

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