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Live #128, Meetup #21, & LSM Returns


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 28-May-23 19:29:32 UTC

This week, we broadcast Live #128, published Meetup #21 as a podcast, and brought back a familiar name. For more information, read on!

Before we begin this week’s update, I’d like to welcome our new community members that have recently joined our Discord server (at discord.gg/gensokyo). Since late last year, we’ve been working to increase overall activity on our server in order to meet the threshold set for partnered servers.

We’re thrilled to have been partnered for more than 7 years, but there’s another reason why we keep returning to this metric: an active server is a healthy server. In recent months, we’ve held multiple events, listened to feedback, and implemented new ways for our community to interact with a focus on creative works and fostering a collaborative environment. We’ve updated our channels, removed barriers, and continue to make it easier for folks to learn from and engage with others. Creators who have works upcoming or events they’d like our community to know about have dedicated spaces in which to promote themselves.

We’ve done a lot to build the place, and we’ve got so many people who make cool things, but it is up to you to utilize these resources. Doing so will help your fellow fans learn more, help you improve through collaboration and feedback, and help us through making this space an active and inviting place for all fans of this niche series we call Touhou Project. With all that said, please consider introducing yourself, starting a thread, and getting something started this weekend. We all look forward to what you’ve got in store!

In regular news, we had our 128th live broadcast of Gensokyo Radio Live where we recapped our journey out to Torrance, California for TouhouFest 2023! There was so much to talk about, and I’m sure we missed some things in our discussion, but the takeaway was that the event was one to remember, and we all walked away with positive impressions and dreams of returning to another fun-filled weekend in 2024. We’ll see what happens!

Meetup #21 was also made public today and will be propagating to the usual platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts in the near future, if not already. This event was a simple station update from February, so we talked about the state of the station, our preparation efforts ahead of last month’s event, and the Parade of CDs series that was active during that time.

Finally, we hinted at it recently, but we’ve made it official: as of May 25th, 2023, “Three by Seven” was officially reverted back to “LunarSpotlight Media” for our websites’ copy text, our publisher name on the Google Play store, and our creator name on Patreon. The name was originally changed on January 1st, 2020 with an effort to decouple the username “LunarSpotlight” from the efforts of the group. We later found that people generally didn’t understand what TBS was meant to be, and our campaign on Patreon has been stagnant for the last 3+ years. We hope that reverting the name makes it more clear who’s behind the group, what it works on, and what people are ultimately supporting if they choose to do so.

That’s all for this week, thanks to all who recently joined (go post in #introductions!), and thanks for listening!

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