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Translation Framework Now Available


Written by LunarSpotlight
Monday, 13-Nov-23 22:28:02 UTC

This week, we continued working on an internal project which will enable volunteer translators to contribute translations for use in the second version of our application. For more details, read on!

When working on v1 of our mobile app, we were fortunate enough to have multiple volunteer translators step forward and contribute to making our application more accessible to more people around the world with about a dozen total languages. As an Android exclusive app, the process involved passing around some Excel-style spreadsheets which could more directly be imported into Android Studio. It worked pretty well, but it was a bit clunky for folks who weren’t used to interfacing with spreadsheets.

With v2 of the app, we’ve built out a custom framework to enable volunteers to contribute via a web interface. This framework gives us incredible flexibility with how to render terms for use with our new PWA, with v2 requiring a json file for each language to start. It’s possible that conversion into Android or iOS apps will need a different format, and this framework allows us to grab an individual language and turn it into whatever is needed to make translated terms available to users.

With that said, we currently have a small group of volunteers who raised their hands some months ago when we initially made the callout for assistance. If you’re interested in helping translate the app, head over to the translation thread on our Discord server and let us know! We’ll help you get started from there.

We also had a couple request block events this week which had tons of song requests from our Discord members, and we easily filled a couple hours of music for each event.

That’s all for this week, we appreciate all of you, and thanks for listening!

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